What If I could tell that you can download torrents really fast? Well meet Seedr!

Download Torrents Faster and More Securely!


Never did I imagine that I would actually start a blog. I had always thought of it, but never really managed to get to it. Well, I guess Seedr managed to make me finally do it.

While looking for a seedbox online I stumbled upon Seedr. Straight of the bat, they are offering you a 2 GB download space where you can park your torrents and very decent DL speeds.

Now people who are a little clueless and thinking what the hell I am talking about. Here’s the rundown,

Torrents: Now you want a file, a large file and you know many of your friends have it. So you could ask a single person to give it to you. What if I told you, that all the people that have the file can give you little bits and pieces of the file and you can have the whole file in a few minutes. Physically it’s not possible unless they are LEGO pieces, but digitally its possible. Torrents are a Peer 2 Peer distribution network suitable for fast delivery of big files. Once a download starts it downloads from multiple peers who are either downloading the file or people who have already downloaded and waiting for others to finish downloading. They are called the Seeders.

Now the website name Seedr is just a clever play on the words of the seeder. (and probably because seeder was also taken).seedr

Well, Seedr is a seed box. Darned, that makes no sense. They download torrents and keep them in their data centers and when we users need it, they serve it to us, with phenomenal speeds. Now let’s take an example,

One favorite Linux distro of mine is ubuntu. The file size is for desktop version v17.4 is 1.49GB. Let’s compare the speeds of downloads for the various methods.

Direct Torrent Download: uTorrent (Speed 1.0MB/s)


But in all fairness, it went up to 2.5MB/s and an average of 1.5MB/s. Not too bad considering I am using a 50M connection. Time taken : 12 Mins 30 SLet’sds

Lets see what we get when uing seedr,

I have already added the torrent, and found it was already in their cache, and ready for download.


So I fired up my Free Download Manager and pasted the link, and the download finished in 4.5mins. Now that’s some good speed.

Also, the best thing about this service is that we don’t even need any torrent client. It’s all HTTP, so even if ISPs ban torrent traffic, we can use Seedr to undo it.

So here it is, my first review, of an excellent service called Seedr, and the best its all for free. But they do have paid plans, and include Seedr Ultra. Do check it out.


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